Posted on April 25, 2011

Last year when my friend got engaged she asked me to be her photographer at her wedding.  I was quite honored and flattered and I really had to think about it for awhile since I don’t typically do weddings.  In the end I agreed and I’m glad I did because I had so much fun!  It also helped my decision that my very talented friend Angela Chandler agreed to come along and help me- thanks again 🙂  Make sure to head on over to Angela’s blog to check out the images she took!

ach department phone

Congratulations Rita and Digran!!

(The flowers are by a family friend who is starting a flower business in Sacramento, if you are local and you are looking for a florist, contact her, she does beautiful work!  Vintage Floral Design (she’s working on her website), Sarah L. Stephenson, 916-616-2862,

Posted on April 12, 2011

My photographer friend Molly was in town for a photo shoot (a contest she ran on her blog), so a few of my other photographer friends (that know Molly as well) and I, got together for the afternoon for lunch and little photo time!  Both Anna and Molly are pregnant, they looked so cute!  Since Molly is due soon, we practiced on her the most.

ach department phone

Here is our attempt of a group photo with the self timer and my camera balanced on a sign…From Left to Right

Angela, Anna, Molly and ME

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