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I am located in Folsom, CA
I specialized in outdoor family and children photography.
I only have a limited amount of dates available.

For specifics and pricing, please contact me at:

Note: I am currently not booking any engagement sessions or weddings. I have some very talented photographer friends that specialize in those areas. Please contact me for referrals.

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What’s the trick to getting a 3 year old to cooperate for a photo shoot

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? Put them in their favorite costume!  That’s exactly what I did a couple of weeks ago with my daughter.  She had a blast just running around with some pumpkins and I got some adorable captures of her in one of her many Halloween costumes!  It was a win, win for both of us!

Aimee Jordan Photography

Aimee Jordan Photography

Aimee Jordan Photography

Aimee Jordan Photography

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